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Amendments to Flood Hazard Area Mapping

Project Overview

On Wednesday 28 August 2019, Council resolved to adopt flood hazard mapping as part of the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme for the following catchments:

  • Aldershot
  • Bunya Creek
  • Eli Creek
  • Glenwood
  • Pulgul Creek
  • Tooan Tooan Creek

Each of the flood risk studies have been undertaken in-line with industry best practice, Queensland Flood Commission recommendations, national standards and guidelines for flood risk assessment and catchment modelling. Improvements in the flood detail, extents and accuracy have been gained in the latest modelling. The information ensures that the community has the most up-to-date information about the risks to life and property from flood.

Council issued notices to owners of affected properties in May, June and July 2019. The notice included a letter stating how the flood hazard affects their property, a general factsheet on the amendments, a catchment specific factsheet and a property specific flood search report. Online interactive flood hazard area mapping and catchment specific depth mapping can be viewed via the link on this page. The Document Library and FAQ's on this page also contain further information.

The changes to the planning scheme take effect from Monday 9 September 2019.


Following the extensive 2010/11 Queensland flood events, the Queensland Government established the Queensland Flood Commission of Inquiry on 17 January 2011 to investigate matters relating to the floods. The Commission’s findings were publically released in March 2012, which amongst many other things, recommended that flood risk mapping be enhanced across the state.


In response to the Commission’s recommendations, Council is committed to an ongoing program of works to:

    1. Improve the detail and accuracy of existing flood modelling; and 
Undertake flood modelling for areas which have no existing flood risk information.

In 2017/18 Council undertook six studies across the region to identify and refine flood hazard maps for areas that are subject to flooding. These studies were undertaken by specialist engineers and incorporate the latest data and modelling techniques. The six flood studies which have recently been completed are for the following catchments:

     Eli Creek
Pulgul Creek
Tooan Tooan Creek, including Lowlands Lagoons   

Additionally, revisions to incorporate extra detail to the mapped flood extents are being pursued for:
Bunya Creek


At its Ordinary meeting on 27 March 2019, Council adopted the revised Flood Hazard Area and Defined Flood Levels for the purpose of:

    1. Setting minimum habitable floor levels (MHFL) for development assessable under Section
        13(1)(b) of the Building Regulation 2006; and 

    2. Identifying the Flood Hazard Area in the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme under the Planning 
        Act 2016. 

August 2019

At its ordinary meeting on 28 August 2019, Council adopted the changes to the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme.

The changes to the planning scheme take effect from Monday 9 September 2019.


Why did I receive a letter from Council?

Council is proposing to amend the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme 2014 Flood Hazard Overlay Mapping to reflect the flood hazard area identified through the flood studies.  Council regularly proposes changes to the planning scheme. Changes might be needed for various reasons including to ensure that it remains up to date with the best way of addressing land use and development issues and so that it continues to meet changing community needs and aspirations.

  • Council adopts revised Flood Hazard Area and Defined Flood Levels
    • Adopted at Council Meeting - 27 March 2019
    • New Flood Information can be used for building and planning purposes.
  • Notification packages sent to affected property owners
    • Aldershot, Bunya Creek, Glenwood and Pulgul Creek Catchments - 8 May 2019
    • Tooan Tooan Creek including Lowlands Catchments - 15 May 2019
    • Eli Creek Catchment - 22 May 2019
  • Amend the Planning Scheme to show the new Flood Hazard Overlay Map
    • July/August 2019