Burgowan Boilers Interpretive Display


In 1863 coal was discovered in the Burrum District by John and Robert Miller.

Coal mining helped provide electricity to the region by delivering coal to the Howard Power Station, which commenced operations in 1951. Various mines were located over the Burrum Coalfield that supported large numbers of workers and their families.

 By 1900 Burrum Coalfield was the only operating coalfield of any importance outside of the south-east corner of Queensland.

The boilers were originally from the Burgowan No.7 mine where they were used for steam to power the winding engine and ventialtion fan in pre electricity days. However, when Burgowan No. 12 opened the boilers were relocated and used as water storage tanks for the miner's bathroom.

Burgowan No. 12 mine was the last coal mine to operate on the Burrum Coalfields which was where the boilers were retrieved from.

Project Overview

Council have acquired two seven meter long boilers used at the No.7 and No.12 Burgowan Mines for an interpretative display installation that promotes the coal history of Howard and the Burrum District.

The boilers both measure 7 meters in length with one 1600mm in diameter and the other 1700mm in diameter.

Council have been exploring suitable locations on public land for the installation and during this process.

The below points wereconsidered for each site;

Several locations were considered but some sites demonstrated significant impediments such as major infrastructure conflicts, accessibility to the site and legislative requirements that eliminated them.

Preliminary investigations have identified separating the boilers across two sites being the RV Stopover and a specific location on William Street down from the bus shelter. Please see below for further information on each site.

Council are now seeking feedback from the community to have their say on the proposed sites.

The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.