Burrum Heads Community Plan

Project Overview

A vision for the next 10 years!

The Burrum Heads Community Plan has been developed from a process led by the Burrum Heads Community Planning Development Group, with input from key stakeholders and the wider community. Facilitated by Council’s Community Development and Engagement Team, the plan focuses on the principles of community led and asset-based community development, working to build community ownership over the plan.

Pillar and theme descriptions, along with associated projects identified through the engagement activities, are included in the community planning document.

Now that the plan has been finalised, the members of the Community Planning Group will continue to meet as the ‘Burrum Heads Community Builders’. This group will work to develop an action plan that will identify time frames and key stakeholders to drive the delivery of individual projects. The action plan will be a living document and sit as an appendix to the community plan.

Council’s Community Development and Engagement team will continue to support the Community Builders by providing strategic support to enable them to deliver projects. It is acknowledged that releasing of the community plan can raise expectations of the community, however the plans development has focused heavily on community lead development to ensure community ownership. It will be important that the Community Builders, with the support of Council, deliver a short-term priority project within the first 12 months of the plans release.