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Coastal Futures: Planning Our Changing Coastline

EOI Community Panel

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    The Coastal Futures Community Panel will:

    Respond to the question/broad description

    • Learn about how coastal hazards will impact on our coastline and assets - now and into the future.
    • Discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities in planning for our changing coastline.
    • Consider a wide range of information and hear from expert speakers.
    • Be supported by professional facilitators and Council staff.
    • Be part of a group that makes recommendations to Council about how we should be responding to coastal hazards.

    How will the community panel work?

    People who self-nominate their interest to be on the Coastal Futures Community Panel will be placed in a pool of nominees. Selection of the final panel of around 40 people will use a selection process to ensure that there are a cross-section of people from the Fraser Coast community.

    When will the Community Panel meet?

    Session1: Saturday 30 May 2020

    Session 2: Saturday 6 June 2020

    Session 2: Saturday 13 June 2020

    All Panel sessions will be held in Hervey Bay. Meals will be provided.

    The Panel’s recommendations will be presented to Council for consideration, published on Council’s website and be considered by Council as part of the final Fraser Coast Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy. The Panel will not be like a traditional public meeting. It will be an inclusive, genuine process where your voice will be valued and heard.

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