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Fraser Coast Economic Roadmap

Project Overview

A new Economic Development Roadmap is being prepared by Fraser Coast Regional Council’s (FCRC) Economic Development team.

The Roadmap will be a strategic blueprint for the region’s future growth and will focus on long-term economic priorities to the year 2030. The Roadmap is expected to identify ‘enabling strategies’ to meet these long-term growth priorities.

The Roadmap will be guided by extensive stakeholder consultation to ensure community perspectives on economic growth are considered. Council has already met with a range of community and business groups since November 2018. This online engagement platform has been set up to gauge wider community views on economic development.

Council’s existing Economic Development Strategy was developed in 2014 and has a time horizon from 2015 to 2020. The Fraser Coast has experienced significant change since 2014 and it is a pertinent time to explore future economic development priorities for the region.
Alongside the Queensland and Australian Governments, Council has a key role in promoting economic growth, to ensure future prosperity and increased employment opportunities in our community. The Roadmap is a key document to plan strategically towards identifying and pursuing current and future economic priorities.

The focus for the Roadmap will be on identifying long-term ambitions and the short-medium term enabling strategies we need to deliver as a community to achieve those ambitions.

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