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The Glenwood Community plan sets a vision and direction for the future of our community. Developed by the people of our community and driven by a key representative planning group, the foundation of the plan is built on the principle of asset-based community development in enacting community led change.  

The community plan is not just a document for the Glenwood Community, it is important in sharing the community's voice, vision and aspiration to key stakeholders involved in the development of our town, social and community services, and for all levels of government. 

In developing the draft plan, we identified key community stakeholders, community strengths and weaknesses and looked at how these related to the values we hold as a community, what we feel is important to us as a community, and what we envisage the community looking and feeling like. Through this analysis we identified three key pillars that form the foundation of the community plan, associated themes and identified actions. 

The pillars identified are:

The plan focuses on development over a 20-year period; however, it is identified that the plan is a living document. With the forecasted growth in our population as identified in the Population section of this document, it is understood that this plan will need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis in keeping with the changing needs of our community. 


In 2013 Council, in partnership with the Glenwood developed the Glenwood Community Development Plan (GCDP) - 2013.  The document was developed as a five year plan for strengthening and connecting the community.

The objectives of the GCDP were to:-

  •  Identify key issues within each community and develop an achievable, outcome focussed framework to resolving issues in a collaborative manner;
  •  Develop closer links between the Council and the community;
  •  Building community commitment and capacity to contribute to the development and implementation of the identified strategies and actions;
  • To provide guidance for the development and social enhancement of the community in order to stimulate economic and social development;
  • To identify specific priorities for action to build community capacity and enhance the community's social capital; and
  • Identify holistic and sustainable outcomes tailored to reflect the individual and distinctive characteristics of particular places and their communities.

A copy of the Glenwood Community Development Plan 2013 document is available through the "Key Documents" tab of this project page.

The purpose of this new project is to undertake a review of the GCDP, to amend it accordingly and to partner with the community to prepare a master plan for the Community Precinct land where the Community Hall and other community focussed infrastructure is located.