Heritage Advisory Committee

Heritage Advisory Committee Oct 2022-Sept 2024 Nominations

Please note - the EOIs have now closed.

Fraser Coast Regional Council is sought expressions of interest to join the voluntary Heritage Advisory Committee to help guide the Council when considering heritage issues, and to help administer the Fraser Coast Heritage Incentive Scheme.

Nominations for the Heritage Advisory Committee closed on Thursday 8 September 2022.

Expressions of interest now closed

Thank you for your nominations to join the Heritage Advisory Committee.

Join the Fraser Coast Heritage Advisory Committee

Fraser Coast residents interested in the conservation and management of the region’s cultural heritage are encouraged to nominate for the Heritage Advisory Committee.

In June 2018, Council adopted the Terms of Reference for a Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) with the purpose to discuss and provide advice or recommendations on matters relevant to cultural heritage within the Fraser Coast.  

For the purposes of this Committee, cultural heritage includes:

  • Physical places (including, but not limited to, sites, areas, landscapes, vistas, buildings, structures and their immediate surrounds);
  • Resources (objects of moveable cultural heritage, documentary records, audiovisual material, digital and other formats of recording information);
  • Intangible values (ethnic, religious, educational, trades, aesthetic) forming the cultural identity of the Fraser Coast.

The Objectives of the HAC are to:

  1. Provide Council with balanced advice to encourage the conservation and management of the cultural heritage of the Fraser Coast;
  2. Assist Council in the promotion of a wider appreciation of the outstanding heritage of the Fraser Coast and its value in cultural, educational and economic terms;
  3. Work with Council and the community in the advocacy, understanding, encouragement, use and enjoyment of the cultural heritage of the Fraser Coast;
  4. Provide advice on the community’s Cultural Heritage priorities: and
  5. Provide recommendations on applications for the Fraser Coast Heritage and Character Incentives Scheme.

As an advisory committee it is not intended that the committee deals directly with operational issues.  The advisory committee will provide advice to Council to be considered as part of the Council decision-making process.  In this regard, the Chairperson will provide the conduit to Council. The committee meets a minimum of four times a year, with eight (8) voting members elected from the public, and two (2) voting Council representatives.

For more details on the roles, responsibilities and the manner and duration of appointment to the Committee, please see the full Terms of Reference in the Document Library on this project page.