Major sewage treatment plant capacity increase for Hervey Bay


Hydrodynamic modelling of the area around the Marina was required as part of the KBR site selection study. 

An existing hydrodynamic model already existed for Pulgul Creek and the surrounding area that could be utilised.  However this model was created using a software and functionality for which KBR did not have a license.

It was more cost effective for WBW to engage another consultant that had the necessary software license than to pay KBR to purchase that license or recreate the entire model in different software.  The consulting firm that won the contract to undertake this modelling was Intrawater

35 individuals were randomly selected from phone databases across the Fraser Coast Region.  

The final panel included a range of individuals who were representative of our region across gender, age range, occupational fields or study, owners and renters, diasability,  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and liguistically diverse.