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Poona Community Infrastructure Plan

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  • Short Synopsis - Submissions Received - Poona Boat Ramp Facility

    A number of submissions “in support” of the project included suggestions for additional infrastructure as follows:-

    • Toilet Block
    • Fish Filleting Table;
    • 3 lane boat ramp;
    • Floating Pontoon;
    • CCTV, lighting and/or some form of security;
    • Area to tie/moor boats;
    • 1 way entry – 1 way exit

    1 submission of the “not in support” of the project provided an alternative location for a new boat ramp facility, with that location being – Poona Point.
    The “not in support” submissions included a number of reasons/factors including, but not necessarily limited to,

    • Difficult Site;
    • Dredging;
    • Environmental Issues;
    • Cost & project costs cannot be justified; waste of money;
    • Save Poona Creek from silting up & erosion;
    • GHD report deficient in detail;
    • No provision for fish cleaning;
    • No water supplied to either ramp or carpark;
    • No provision for toilet facilities;
    • Lack of lighting & security;
    • Suggest jetty on existing boat ramp – give land based fishermen more access;
    • Prefer money spent on upgrading present facility including addition of jetty etc.