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Poona Community Infrastructure Plan

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    At its Meeting held on Wednesday, 25 November, 2020 Council endorsed the Poona Community Infrastructure Plan.  Council will continue to work the the PCPA and community of Poona to progress with implementation of the priorities within the Plan.

  • NOW CLOSED - Upcoming Poona Community Information Sessions

    PCPA, Council and Peter Edwards from Archipelago will be hosting 3 sessions on Saturday 19 September to present the draft Poona Community Infrastructure Plan.

    With the COVID limitations in place, sessions will be capped at a maximum of 40 persons and will be conducted with a half hour between sessions for cleaning and sanitizing. Sessions are to be held at 11am/12 noon; 12.30pm/1.30pm and 2pm/3pm.

    Bookings essential - or by contacting PCPA - details available website

  • Council Endorses Draft Poona Community Infrastructure Plan for public comment

    Council at its Meeting held on 26 August, 2020, endorsed the draft Poona Community Infrastructure Plan to be put out for final comment by the Poona Community Progress Association Inc and wider Poona Community.  The draft has been uploaded in the Key Documents area and the formal engagement will commence in the near future.

  • Council to consider Draft Poona Community Infrastructure Plan

    Following a comprehensive community engagement process during 2019 and 2020, a draft Poona Community Infrastructure Plan has been compiled.  Council will consider this draft Plan at its meeting to be held on 26 August, 2020 with a view to putting the document out to final public comment.

  • Short Synopsis - Submissions Received - Poona Boat Ramp Facility

    A number of submissions “in support” of the project included suggestions for additional infrastructure as follows:-

    • Toilet Block
    • Fish Filleting Table;
    • 3 lane boat ramp;
    • Floating Pontoon;
    • CCTV, lighting and/or some form of security;
    • Area to tie/moor boats;
    • 1 way entry – 1 way exit

    1 submission of the “not in support” of the project provided an alternative location for a new boat ramp facility, with that location being – Poona Point.
    The “not in support” submissions included a number of reasons/factors including, but not necessarily limited to,

    • Difficult Site;
    • Dredging;
    • Environmental Issues;
    • Cost & project costs cannot be justified; waste of money;
    • Save Poona Creek from silting up & erosion;
    • GHD report deficient in detail;
    • No provision for fish cleaning;
    • No water supplied to either ramp or carpark;
    • No provision for toilet facilities;
    • Lack of lighting & security;
    • Suggest jetty on existing boat ramp – give land based fishermen more access;
    • Prefer money spent on upgrading present facility including addition of jetty etc.
  • CLOSED - Have Your Say - Poona Boat Ramp Feasibility Study - until 31 March 2020

    Have Your Say - Poona Boat Ramp Feasibility Study

    Submissons have now closed

    The Boat Ramp Feasibility Study has now been released by TMR and community members now have further opportunity to make submissions on the proposals. Submissions close on 31 March 2020. Please submit your enquiries and submissions by - Please state 'Poona Boat Ramp' in the subject line. This feedback process is open to any feedback in relation to the report including - for example - those in favour, those not and anyone who has any further suggestions - Council encourages community members to submit all views and suggestions.

    The report and appendices are located in the "Documents" section of the project page.