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Fraser Coast Airport Renewal Project

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Council is committed to minimising impacts to the community, businesses and airport services. All works will be monitored closely by Council with regular communication with stakeholders and nearby residents and businesses.

Residents and Stakeholders are encouraged to register through this project page to keep up to date with the details of the project, meetings and any other relevant information prior and during project works. This page will be a resource for community members and stakeholders to keep up to date during the project. Council will provide fortnightly updates through the project page for residents and stakeholders during the project.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions in regards to public gatherings Council has been unable to hold large community meetings. However, with restrictions easing, Council will evaluate the community needs throughout the project and hold meetings when required within restriction guidelines. Council will continue to ensure that residents and stakeholders are adequately informed throughout the process. (*Updated July 2020)

(*Update July 2020) - Council is in the process of writing to residents and stakeholders to update them in relation to project  and timeframes.

If this is your first time using Council’s Engagement Hub, please click on the register button (or to create an account. When prompted, create a username and password of your choice and provide a valid email address. Please also choose Airport Renewal Project – so we know you are interested in the Airport project specifically.

If you have already registered and wish to be included in project updates, please update your preferences by following this link:

(*Updated July 2020) Council considered the report on the tenders received in February 2020. Council resolved to accept the tender from Fulton Hogan, with further planning occuring over the last few months. The works will be delivered concurrently in two main stages over 11 months. (*works due to start by the end of July 2020).


These works are vital to the airport’s infrastructure, so that the Airport continues to meet the required national design and safety standards for the continued service to residents and visitors of the Fraser Coast.

With regular flights to and from the Hervey Bay Airport to Brisbane, Sydney and local tourism destinations carrying (approximately) 180,000 passengers a year, it’s vital the Airport continues to meet necessary design and safety standards.

The last major upgrade of the Hervey Bay Airport was almost 15 years ago when the runway was lengthened to allow for the introduction of jet services to Sydney, with an external review finding a runway and lighting renewal is now needed.

(*Updated July 2020) The works will take approximately 11 months to complete with works being undertaken concurrently in two main stages (subject to delays). The first stage of the project will improve lighting with the work expected to start by the end of July 2020. The subsequent stages (due to start September 2020) will involve reconstructing the runway pavement, rejuvenating the taxiway to the terminal used by daily commercial flights, and creating connectivity with the Avion precinct.

(*Updated July 2020) The total works will be delivered concurrently, in two main stages, over the next 11 months (subject to any delays). The lighting upgrade will be undertaken first with works expected to start by the end of July and be completed by early September. The majority of the lighting upgrade work will be done during the day, with some night works to minimise impacts to flights.

The subsequent stages will involve overlaying the runway pavement, and rejuvenating the taxiway and aprons to both the terminal used by daily commercial flights and to the Avion precinct. The majority of this work on the runway, taxiway and aprons will have to occur at night, with some day works. This is to avoid disruption to flights and minimise impact on residents and visitors using commercial passenger flights.

(*Updated July 2020) No disruptions to Sydney or Brisbane flights are expected as a result of the runway and lighting works. However, normal flight delays can occur for many reasons e.g. delays caused by flights leaving Sydney or Brisbane later than scheduled. Passengers should contact their airlines directly with any queries on flight times, either during the project or at any other time. (*Please note this is not with standing the current covid-19 restrictions and flight schedule).

Council does not envisage any road closures for the duration of the project, but there will be an increase in traffic around the airport vicinity during the second stage of the works.

Traffic to and from the Airport will not be affected during daylight hours and during normal flight times. The main body of work is to be done during the night when no flights are scheduled.

Council has taken several measures to ensure that noise and dust are kept to a minimum during the project. The majority of the works will be done at night to minimise disruption to the community and the main areas of work are well away from residential zones. 


To contact Council about this project please email via - please advise in the subject of your email that you are enquirying about the Airport Renewal Project.

If the matter is urgent, Council advises to call Council directly on 1300 79 49 29 during business hours – 8:15am-4:30pm

If there is an urgent issue after hours, please contact Council's after-hours service via Council's phone number: 1300 79 49 29