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Maryborough Revitalisation

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  • Stage 2 – CBD Revitalisation Project – Kent Street (Lennox Street to Adelaide Street)

    Council has engaged the services of an external qualified Project Arborist to assist Council with procedures to limit, where possible, the effects of the removal and reconstruction of the City Hall retaining wall on the existing fig trees and cocos palms’ current health and condition.

    Prior to works on this project commencing, a Tree management Plan of the fig trees and cocos palms was completed.   Within the Report, it was been ascertained that root pruning of the trees will be required to accommodate the excavation works for the construction process.  The Report noted that the resulting root loss is likely to accelerate the decline that is already evident in the trees’ health.  The Report indicated that the existing two fig trees located closest to Lennox Street which front Kent Street are considered to be in a fair/poor condition with both trees already displaying reduced vigour.  The Report also noted that a fig tree on the Lennox Street frontage to the site had succumbed to Phellinus noxius, an aggressive root rot decay pathogen that attacks the roots of trees, especially figs.  This is a naturally occurring fungal that is easily spread through movement of soil, this can be by foot or tool.

    Tree protection measures/procedures will be undertaken as part of the works to remove and reconstruct the City Hall retaining wall, under the guidance of the Project Arborist, with a future care management and replacement program being established for the entire Town Hall Green, including the fig trees and cocos palms located within the City Hall precinct area.