Hervey Bay Pump Track

Hervey Bay pump track is coming!

Council is committed to continuously maintaining and improving our parks and open spaces.

The Fraser Coast is dedicated to providing parks and open spaces that are enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities - to support an active and healthy lifestyle for the community and visitors.

Council recognises that Pump Tracks are becoming popular recreation facilities across the country and believe that two new tracks in Maryborough and Hervey Bay will help in achieving active lifestyle and wellbeing aims.

Council is now consulting with the community on the design development for the Hervey Bay Pump Track.

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  • Hervey Bay Pump Track features

    The site of the new pump track at Hervey Bay is located between the Hervey Bay Library on Old Maryborough Rd and the PCYC off Boat Harbour Drive. Please pin your comments on the map.

Survey for Design of Hervey Bay Pump Track has now closed

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback!

Help design the Hervey Bay Pump Track

Fraser Coast residents are being encouraged to help design the new Hervey Bay pump track

  • Engagement Planning

    Determine stakeholder groups and immediately impacted residents & businesses

    Aug 22 - Feb 23

  • Identify location

    Discuss with user groups and stakeholder groups

    Sept 22 - Feb 23

  • Engagement Stage One

    Seek feedback from the community and stakeholders about what features they would like in the Hervey Bay Pump Track

    6 March - 4 April 23

  • Review community feedback and finalise design

    April - June 23

  • Seek tenders for construction and implement construction

    June 23 - June 24

A pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and jumps designed to be ridden by generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedalling or pushing.

Originally designed for mountain bikes and BMX bikes, they are now used by skateboarders and scooter riders and are accessible for all abilities, including wheelchairs.

These facilities are extremely popular and friendly to all age groups, bringing local and visiting families together.

The 2021 Pump Track Feasibility Study undertaken by Fraser Coast Regional Council highlighted that there is sufficient popularity and demand to establish additional Pump Tracks within the region.

The study identified a number of economic and social wellbeing benefits, and nominated preferred locations in Maryborough and Hervey Bay.

In February 2021 Council resolved to commit to the construction of a track in the two cities.

The project will be funded by Council and Works for Queensland funding—to be completed by the end of 2024.

The project includes three engagement phases, Phase 1 - Locations, Phase 2 - Design Development and Phase 3 - Review of Draft Design.

We are currently undertaking Phase 2 - Design Development.