Building Better Neighbourhoods

Building Better Neighbourhoods

Building Better Neighbourhoods forms Stage 3 of the Planning Scheme Review Project

A lot has changed in the 10 years since we adopted our planning scheme, so we are updating it to future proof our region!

Council has recently completed a review of its planning scheme (Stages 1 & 2 of the Planning Scheme Review Project)and has found opportunities to make improvements.

As part of the review we consulted with industry, stakeholders and the community to obtain their feedback and also undertook an audit of the planning scheme.

We found that while the planning scheme is structurally sound, there are opportunities for improvements to be made.

Council has agreed on a Building Better Neighbourhoods roadmap for how we are going to update and make improvements to the planning scheme. Click here to read the Building Better Neighbourhoods roadmap.

The roadmap identifies seven core themes for improving the planning scheme.

Whether it be in our residential suburbs, our business precincts or our rural areas, it’s all about building better neighbourhoods on the Fraser Coast.

Some residents might be surprised at what an intensive process drafting planning scheme amendments is. The financial commitment is very significant and the amendment project will be staged over the next 3-4 years.

Ongoing participation is required to ensure community and industry expectations are reflected in the planning scheme.

Regional Ecosystem Vegetation Mapping Project

We have undertaken a Regional Ecosystem Mapping Project as part of the Building Better Neighbourhoods roadmap!


This Building Better Neighbourhoods initiative includes urban and suburban localities, our rural villages, coastal townships and commercial, education and industrial hubs. Importantly, our employment areas and the natural environment also play key roles in supporting our neighbourhoods.

Communities are groups of people that make up a particular area or region. Neighbourhoods is a similar concept, but refers to the physical places in which people live. Our communities depend significantly upon the quality of our neighbourhoods.

When they are designed well, neighbourhoods contribute positively to our economy, our natural environment and the way in which we live and enjoy our surroundings.

The planning scheme is the document that guides what our new neighbourhoods and developments look and feel like. By improving our planning scheme to build better neighbourhoods, we provide the foundation to create better places for people to live, work and play.