Glenwood Community Space Master Plan

Project Overview

The Community Master Plan was prepared in consultation with the Glenwood community in 2022.

Community space assessed in the plan included an area approx. 32,550m2 which featured three adjoining parcels of land in Pepper Road and a parcel of vacant land in Varley Road South.

Council received numerous requests for additional community space during the planning process.

With a view to addressing the need for additional land in Glenwood, in late 2022 Council purchased 5 Pepper Road, Glenwood which is a parcel of land approx. 7,000m2 in size with an existing shed. Giving a total of approx. 39,550m2 (or 3.955 hectares) and an additional shed potentially available for storage purposes.

This plan is considered as part of Council's master planning for community space as per its strategy for the 2023/2024 financial year.

Community consultation for this project is now complete. We would like to thank our community for their input into this important community asset. An engagement report summarising feedback was presented to Council at its December 2023 meeting, and Council endorsed the Master Plan as the guiding document for future development of the area at its general meeting in January 2024. A copy of the community engagement outcomes report is available in our document library.

Final Master Plan

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Engagement Summary NOV 23

Below are key milestones related to the delivery of the Glenwood Community Space Master Plan

  • Stage 5 – Consideration of Master Plan by Council – January 2024
  • Stage 1 - Survey of Community Groups
  • Stage 2 – Community Wide Engagement Process
  • Stage 3 – Evaluation Feedback & Preparation of Master Planning Options
  • Stage 4 – Master Plan Options to Community for Feedback