Recycled Water Strategy

Project Overview

The Fraser Coast Recycled Water Strategy was adopted at the February 2023 Council meeting. This strategy is currently being implemented.

Council is investigating options for the expansion along the alignment of Vanderwolf Road, Bunya Creek. Before embarking on any formal procurement, Council is undertaking a ‘market sounding’ process to enable industry to advise Council of information that it may wish to consider including within the future procurement process.

The Challenge

The Fraser Coast, is one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, with significant future population and tourism growth expected over the next 25 years.

Volumes of effluent will continue to increase with growth (at all locations) which can be recycled and managed in many ways but each way has different opportunities and cost outcomes for the community.

Investigations into feasibility of expansions of recycled water scheme along Vanderwolf Road

The Hervey Bay Water Reuse Scheme is reaching capacity and requires expansion. The 2023 Fraser Coast Recycled Water Strategy has identified expansion of this scheme south along Vanderwolf Road, Bunya Creek to service existing agricultural farming enterprises in the area. This includes the development of additional storage to meet compliance objectives.

Recycled water scheme to expand as population grows

The Fraser Coast recycled water scheme will expand to cater for population growth, while infrastructure improvements will cut almost $12 million from the capital expenditure budget over the next decade.

  • Project and Engagement Planning - Vanderwolf expansion

    January 2024

  • Information materials -develop

    Janaury 2024

  • Undertake Community Engagement

    January-March 2024

  • Draft Expansion Recommendations (incl. engagement evaluation)

    March - May 2024

  • Final Expansion plan prepared and Council adoption

    May-June 2024

Recycled Water on the Fraser Coast

Fraser Coast Regional Council is one of Australia’s leading Water Service Providers in maximising their recycled water use and as a result, minimising the outflow of nutrients into the Great Sandy Straits. The scheme routinely reuses 90-100% of the Fraser Coast’s treated wastewater.

Currently there are a number of recycled water management components located across the Fraser Coast:

    > several recycled water storage dams;

    > recycled water distribution pipe network and pump stations; and

    > six hardwood tree plantations(and pasture) managed by WBW.

    > reuse by private entities includes irrigation for agricultural and other uses:

  • Sugar cane;
  • Crops;
  • Golf courses;
  • Turf farms;
  • Sports fields;
  • Open space irrigation; and
  • Supply fill points for dust suppression.

The scheme is the largest local government owned plantation scheme for recycled water reuse in Australia with approximately 526 hectares under drip irrigation.

Wide Bay Water also works with councils and water authorities across Australia delivering expertise in all areas of water management.