Fraser Coast Waterbody Management Strategy

Project Overview

Fraser Coast Regional Council (FCRC) manages a significant number of urban (constructed/artificial) waterbodies. These waterbodies provide a range of social, environmental and economic values and/functions such as: aesthetics, amenity, park landscape, ecological habitat and flood management.

Urban waterbodies are under considerable pressure due to urban runoff and other factors. Many waterbodies are in a degraded condition, or are at risk of deteriorating, with declining water quality and aesthetic values, fish kills, algal blooms, failure of hydraulic structures and infestations of noxious weeds.

There are currently 50 urban waterbodies for which Council has management responsibility. A total of 54 waterbodies, including four which are not currently managed by Council, were included in the assessment and development of the framework and strategy. These 54 waterbodies have a combined surface area of 120 hectares and 45 kilometres of waterbody edges. In conjunction with Strategy, two (2) of the highest priority and largest waterbody systems were selected for the development of Waterbody Management Plans (Ululah Lagoons, Maryborough and Lowlands Lagoons (Anembo Lakes), Torquay). These Waterbody Management Plans are considered pilot projects and may be progressively developed for other high priority waterbodies in the future.The Fraser Coast Waterbody Management Technical Report and engagement feedback were used to develop the strategy and management plans.

Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting held Wednesday 24 March 2021, adopted the Fraser Coast Waterbody Management Strategy and the Waterbody Management Plans for Lowlands Lagoons (Anembo Lakes) in Torquay, and the Ululah Lagoons in Maryborough.

To view the strategy, plans, policy, engagement evaluation and other information- download below or from the Document Library.

2019 Community Consultation

In 2019, Council invited community feedback in regards to the Draft Waterbody Management Framework (incl. Strategy), by conducting a variety of activities, including survey, submissions and stakeholder onsite sessions.The community also had the opportunity to provide more specific feedback about the Draft Waterbody Management Plans for Ululah or Lowlands Lagoons. (Read the Engagement Evaluation Report and Engagement Summary here) .

Media Release - Council adopts new waterbody strategy

In March 2021, Council endorsed the new Fraser Coast Waterbody Management Strategy and guiding management plans for the Ululah Lagoons and Lowlands Lagoons (Anembo Lakes). Council also adopted a policy for Constructed Waterbodies.

Project Update

The Draft Waterbody Management Framework as well as the Draft Waterbody Management Plans for Ululah Lagoons and Lowlands Lagoons are in the final review stages.

  • Community Engagement

    November - December 2019

  • Review of Community Feedback

    December 2019

  • Development of Waterbody Management Strategy & Plans

    January-May 2020

    Development of Waterbody Management Strategy

    Development of Waterbody Management Plans (including recommended actions, high level cost estimates and indicative timeframes) for Lowlands Lagoons and Ululah Lagoons

  • Higher risk initiatives to be considered for draft 20/21 Operational Budget by Council

    March – June 2020

  • Finalisation of Water Management Strategy & Plans

    June - December 2020

    Finalisation of Water Management Strategy

    Finalisation of Waterbody Management Plan - Lowlands Lagoons

    Finalisation of Waterbody Management Plan - Ululah Lagoons

  • Councillor Workshops

    November - December 2020

  • Final Waterbody Management Strategy & Management Plans

    February 2021

  • Council adoption of Strategy & Management Plans

    March 2021

  • Implementation Phase

    For consideration by Council in future budget deliberations.