Biosecurity Plan Review 2022

Project Overview

Council has completed a 5-year review of its Biosecurity Plan and wants your feedback on objectives of the plan and how it has categorised the species for priority attention.

The management of invasive plants and animals is the shared responsibility of land managers, industry, the community and all levels of government.

Fraser Coast Regional Council has a legislative responsibility to facilitate the management of invasive biosecurity matter (i.e. weeds and pest animals listed in the legislation) within the Fraser Coast region. This plan provides clear guidance on the strategic approach that is being taken and what is expected of members of the local community to fulfill their obligations regarding invasive plants and animals.

Please read the draft Fraser Coast Biosecurity Plan 2022 in the Document Library, learn more about biosecurity in our background and FAQs, and about specific pest species in the Fact Sheets, many more are available on the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries here.Then please provide us with feedback on what is important to you in managing pest plants and feral animals in the survey below.

Community feedback now closed

Thank you for providing feedback on the Fraser Coast Biosecurity Plan 2022.

Have your say on how pests and weeds are managed on the Fraser Coast

Fraser Coast residents are encouraged to have a say on a draft plan designed to help protect the region from plant and animal pests and diseases.

  • Evaluation (Review draft Biosecurity Plan and finalise)

    October-December 22

  • Post Engagement incl Report

    Sept-Oct 22

  • Engagement Phase

    August-Sept 22

  • Planning & pre-engagement

    August 2022

  • Council review and feedback


  • Consultation with stakeholder groups

    Early 2022

  • Draft of Biosecurity Plan review

    Late 2021

The Purpose and Objectives of the community engagement process for the revised Biosecurity Plan are:

  • To provide the community an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft revised Plan
  • To provide input into the relative priority given to each identified Plan objective for each identified species:
    • Prevention – aims to prevent the introduction and establishment of restricted invasive plants and animals that are not already present in the Fraser Coast region, though they are in neighbouring local government area(s) and have the potential to cross the Council’s boundary. The priority for these species will be - very high. Note – any other species listed in the Act or Regulation may fit this category if found.
    • Eradication – aims to entirely, destroy all plants using the control actions described in the fact sheets to remove the invasive plants or animals from the Fraser coast region within the next 5-10 years. Priority for these species will be – high.
    • Containment – aims to prevent further spread and reduce the abundance in the Fraser Coast region. Priority for these species will be - medium to high.
    • Asset protection – aims to reduce the impact of the invasive plants and animals on high value assets, eg. World Heritage, threatened ecological communities, economic, environmental and/or social/amenity assets. This may include agricultural land, natural areas or shared community spaces such as parks and urban areas. Priority for these species will be medium-high.


  • To provide any other comments or submissions the community would like to be considered in relation to the draft Biosecurity Plan.